Emergencies and natural disasters

Support resources


Support resources

The CECV offers the following guidelines for staff, parents and guardians in helping children deal with traumatic stress.

Managing Traumatic Stress

Student Wellbeing Contact Numbers

If you are concerned about the emotional wellbeing of your child or family, you should talk to your child’s school in the first instance.  For further assistance or help, contact Student Wellbeing at your Catholic Education Office.

Melbourne - 03 9267 0228
Ballarat - 03 5337 7135
Sale - 03 5622 6600
Sandhurst - 03 5443 2377


Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has developed a collection of publications to assist parents and guardians, staff and managers support children and staff who have been affected by emergencies and natural disasters.  Where reference is made to DET ’s Student Support Services Officers, please note that Catholic schools should contact their Student Wellbeing unit (or equivalent). Contact details are provided above. 

For parents, families and carers

For schools supporting children

For schools supporting staff


Catholic School Staff Counselling Services

Melbourne:  Sr Kath Tierney on 03 9267 0228
Ballarat: Allan Hutchison on 0408 369 586
Sale: Sr Patricia Hickey on 0409 419 040 or Lorraine Barlow on 03 5622 6600
Sandhurst: Max Fletcher on 03 5443 2377


Additional Resources

Australian Red Cross: Helping children and young people cope with crisis; Information for parents and care givers.